Kenya Connection


2018 Kenya Mission Report

We are so blessed to be having the bishop from the Kaaga Synod visiting in Lincoln the last of September and early October.  Bishop Catherine Mutua will be speaking at Rotary 14, September 25 at noon, Trinity Methodist on September 30, and many small groups thru out the city.   Bishop Catherine is on her second and last term as the Kaaga Synod Bishop. she currently  is attending Kenya Methodist University in Meru working on her PHD in counseling.  With her PHD she will be qualified to advance to the next level of the Methodist Church in Kenya and surrounding countries. Leadership by women in African countries is not common and she was elected the first woman bishop in east Africa.  She is truly Kenya's gift from ordinary woman doing extra ordinary things..

The Rotary / Kaaga Synod Klean water project grant #1531665 is now complete and the grant is closed. Joe Schon from Rotary 5440 in Scottsbluff had been with the Kenya Connection Mission in Meru Kenya and saw the need for clean drinking water.  He was inspired to do all the research and write the grant. It was supported with all the contacts from Kenya Connection. Joe did an amazing job of keeping everyone on track and accountable. We were able to supply cleaning drinking water to  app 70 schools serving 22,000 children. In his research Joe found the most economical way was by filtering rain water. They have about 60-70 inches of rain per year. They mounted new guttering on the roofs and directed it into  large storage tanks. The sand filtering system was enclosed and secured. He hired someone in each area to monitor the system and report any problems. It worked extremely well and increased attendance and eliminated many health issues. The results on all testing started to improve. Joe was diligent and his efforts were awesome. The entire Kaaga  Synod will be forever grateful!

A Kenya Connection group from Wyoming went to Meru in July. They worked in many of the schools distributing female supplies and many library books. They held a clinic with 3 doctors, a dentist, 2 HIV testing, 3 cancer testing.  They also  distributed 300 bed nets, and reading glasses to those in need. They also provided all the medicine for the patients. It was a very successful medical clinic with nearly 700  patients. We do a medical clinic of this size for $1,000.00-$1,200.00 U.S. dollars. A fabulous bargain!


Jan B