Global Missions

The Nigerian/Nebraska Partnership

The Nigeria/Nebraska Partnership, formed in 1999, was born from the Council of Bishops' Hope for the Children of Africa--an initiative to improve the lives of the poorest of poor children through parnerships between United Methodist Conferences in in the United States and conferences in Africa.

In March and April of 2000, a group from Nebraska traveled to Nigeria to assess the needs of the Nigeria Conference. Seristina Johnston, a Missioner of Hope, told the group of her dream of an orphanage near Jalingo, Nigeria. The Nebraska Conference established the Jalingo Orphanage as its project, with an initial goal of raising $250,000 to build on property owned by the Nigerian Conference. In 2005. the orphanage opened with 28 children who had lost their parents and were living with guardians who were most often extended family members. In the fall of 2007, 20 more students were added.

The Partnership continues today, with the Nebraska Conference being the primary source of funding for the orphanage; it is currently home to 98 students. In addition to the administrative costs of running the orphanage, approximately $2,000 per child per year is needed to care for the resident orphans.

Trinity has participated in Nickels for Nigeria, funded water projects, raised funds during a Jalingo birthday party each year, and corresponded with the orphans. A future filled with caring role models, a good education and support for basic needs is possible through the support of the Nebraska Conference.

For more information please contact Trinity at 402-435-2946 


United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Through several special Sunday offerings and giving for specific events, Trinity members help support the relief efforts of UMCOR. Recent UMCOR efforts have included programs to stop human trafficking and relief for the storm ravaged southeast. Trinity youth and adults have traveled to Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and other UMCOR locations to assist with service projects.


The Lincoln-Kenya Connection

Through the vision and ministries of a few key members of Trinity's congregation, Trinity has developed an ongoing mission in Meru, Kenya--focusing on sustainability. Each year volunteers travel from the Lincoln area to deliver 30 to 50 goats that will provide milk for families. They plant 100 to 300 fruit trees each year, offer a 3 to 5 day medical clinic, and teach families how to garden, compost and use rain barrels. The Lincoln-Kenya connection provides materials and ideas to empower the people of Meru and encourage self-reliance. 


African Medical Outreach 

Members of Trinity are also involved in African medical outreach. As doctors and volunteers, individuals travel to remote areas to provide medical services that are not normally available.