Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve

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God has blessed each and every one of us with spiritual gifts. These gifts are as natural as breathing and help us serve God, share God's Word, and become faithful disciples.  When we utilize these gifts, we won't just accomplish good things, we will accomplish "God Things."

To Learn More About Your Spiritual Gifts

Complete the Spiritual Gifts Survey  (contact the Church Office for a copy) to discover your own spiritual gifts.

See how to put your spiritual gifts into action at Trinity.  Spiritual Gifts in Action describes the many areas of ministry at Trinity and relates them to the spiritual gifts categories in the Spiritual Gifts Survey.

Complete the on-line Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve brochure. Your information will automatically be on file for staff and members at Trinity so we can engage you in activities that use your many spiritual gifts.

You do not have to be involved at Trinity very long to know you have found a treasure. God's love is here in abundance. Faith in Christ is growing.  We are making a difference to neighbors in need here in Lincoln and around the world.  We believe the way we live our life matters.  How we invest our time, money, and talents affect both our well-being and our relationships.

We have only begun to see what a treasure can be!