Trinity United Methodist

The Trinity Story

Much of Trinity's "stepping stones" chronology below is a story of wood, brick and stone, from the first frame tabernacles to our historic sanctuary to plans being drawn for our new hilltop home in Village Gardens.

But within and beyond our walls is an even more joyful, rewarding, fulfilling, people story.

. . . a story that recounts the lives of the thousands of Trinity people who, since 1879, have been our congregation -- people who have come to know and be loved by God; people who have dedicated their lives to the service of God, seeking disciples, making our Near South neighborhood, our Lincoln community, our world, a better place.

. . . a story not just of what we have built in the shadow of Nebraska's Capitol but of where we have walked, and prayed, and sung praises, together.

. . . a story that relates the importance of Trinity in the lives of our members -- where, in the glow of a stained-glass painting of Jesus among the sheaves, we have found spiritual sustenance; where we have grown in knowledge and wisdom; where we have discovered not only faith but also faithful friends; where we have been baptized, confirmed, married, counseled, comforted, and buried.

. . . a story of people we may never have met or known, people whom Trinity has served or touched in Lincoln and around the world, through our giving, our missions -- and our prayers.

From 16th and A, we have reached out to places near and far, from The Gathering Place to Senegal, from Food Net to Uruguay, from Habitat for Humanity to Russia, from Friendship Home to Kenya, from the Samaritan Center to Texas and Denver, Chicago and Tennessee, often through the hands of our youth and their leaders.

We have opened our doors and our hearts to thousands of children who needed secure and enriching day care; to people who sought strength in their encounters with addictions; to people who sought comfort from their trials with disabilities.

Through our pastors and members, from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st, we have shared God's word and sought to do God's work in community and global concerns such as alcohol, working and living conditions, war and peace, racial justice, poverty, resources and the environment, gambling and the death penalty.

In small groups and our full congregation, we have shared joyous fellowship, from potlucks in Fellowship Hall to intimate meals in members' homes; from outings in parks to tubing on rivers and skiing on snow-covered mountains; from bandshell worship services to "church night" at Haymarket Park; from campgrounds to college campuses.

We have praised God through joyous singing, on instruments, in dance and drama.

We have prayed -- in silence and in unison.

Our story is almost 130 years old. But the story of Trinity United Methodist Church is still being written, every day. We invite you to be part of that story.